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Our Treatments

A Personal Approach



An experienced sports physiotherapist can attend to any sports injury. 

Our therapists treat all joint, soft tissue and peripheral nerve-related conditions. 

We assess, treat and rehabilitate all problems of the back, neck and other joints, following injury or surgery or as a result of degeneration. Instead of focusing only on the specific area of pain or dysfunction, we aim to diagnose and correct the underlying cause. 

Our adjunctive therapies are dry needling, manual therapy, taping, soft tissue release, the Lyno Method and Pilates. 

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Orthopaedic Treatment

Recovering from injuries or post operative, we rehabilitate any orthopedic related condition. Our aim is full functionality without pain or restrictions.

Seeing many cervical- and lumbar spine conditions, as well as hip-, knee-, ankle- and foot patients post operatively in hospital, we then under the instructions of the treating surgeons follow up with rehabilitation in our rooms.

After a thorough assessment of gait, posture, strength, etc, we use soft tissue releases, strengthening, stretching, proprioceptive work, dry needling and a specific exercise programme to improve our patients condition.

Neurological rehabilitation

Neurological rehabilitation

As a highly specialised and experienced multidisciplinary team, we assist patients recovering from injuries or suffering from chronic conditions of the central nervous system.

Using evidence-based treatments, such as the Bobath approach, we treat a range of conditions, including:  

  • multiple sclerosis 

  • Parkinson’s disease 

  • intracranial haemorrhages (strokes)  

  • spinal cord injuries  

Our therapy includes advice on suitable devices to use; home-based assessments and consultations; and designing personalised exercise programmes, with the aim of managing chronic conditions and achieving full functionality.

Women's/Men's Health
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Women's/Men's Health

Working with urologists, gynaecologists and surgeons, we treat conditions causing pelvic floor disorders. 

Specific pelvic floor exercise programs will be given to improve following conditions:

  • help with incontinence 

  • reduce the risk of vaginal prolapse 

  • reduce the risk of rectal prolapse 

  • speed up recovery following childbirth 

  • assist with recovery after prostate surgery 

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Our lymphoedema therapists are specially trained physiotherapists.
They assess the cause of swelling, and the type and stage.
Where necessary, they refer patients to specialist doctors, with whom we work closely.

In order to achieve maximal reduction of swelling, we use a special massage technique known as manual lymphatic drainage, compression bandaging and garments as well as an exercise programme.

Thorough advice on how to keep swelling down and controlled is also part of the consultation.  



Pilates is a construct of exercises intended to build up and maintain core stability.
It was developed to strengthen abdominal muscles and body alignment. Good posture and a strong core help to prevent injuries and to speed up recovery after injury or surgery. 


We offer one-on-one lessons and classes for those who are already familiar with the exercises. 

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